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“PLAZA Freedom 50” AirDrop

Complete the following items to participate in the AirDrop and receive free PLAZA tokens at the end of the successful PLAZA ICO.

“PLAZA Freedom 50” AirDrop

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“PLAZA Freedom 50” AirDrop

We are giving away 50 to 200 PLAZA tokens free to each of the first 10,000 25,000 people to sign up to our Plaza community. Hurry and complete the form below, as this is a very limited opportunity.

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2,000,000 PLAZA

2,000,000 PLAZA

“PLAZA Freedom 50” AirDrop

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You can view all of the details that were originally posted on the bitcointalk forum right here.

I just joined what I think could be 2018’s most exciting #ICO. #PlazaSystems is developing a “freedom lifestyle” based on integrating established & emerging technologies, incl #AI, #ecommerce, #crypto & #blockchain www.plaza.systems/airdrop

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