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The world's fastest blockchain designed for commerce! 

MerchantChain™ is designed for next-generation bCommerce, blockchain infused commerce, with transaction speeds that eclipse the current blockchain technologies available today. 

Metasearch Engine & Marketplace

AI-assisted metasearch engine that will scour the world wide web for the best options on goods and services, including those offered by sellers marketing directly on our own blockchain-based e-commerce platform.

Plaza Search Chatbot™ for easy shopping, browsing and up-selling.

Shop securely and anonymously for millions of items.

Debit Card Provides Easy Access

The PlazaCard™ enables crypto owners to use those assets stored in their wallet for everyday payments in shops and restaurants all over the world.

While multiple cryptocurrencies can be stored in the PlazaWallet, only PL$ and PLAZA are accessible from the PlazaCard to create an extra layer of security.

Eight different designs and tiers available.

Cards available worldwide.

The Plaza Freedom Lifestyle  

Whether at home or on the move, our customers will be empowered by a world of choice.

Maximum Security Crypto Wallet

Complementary encrypted software wallet provided.

The PlazaWallet™ implements a decentralised, secure, peer-to-peer, synchronised and backed up multi-currency wallet with a clean, easy-to-use interface.

The digital PlazaWallet is fully encrypted on the client-side and creates, manages and encrypts private keys, public keys, and transactions on the client device.

Owners of the Plaza Concierge™ IOT device benefit from its secure element chip upon which all the PlazaWallet’s encrypted data is securely stored locally.

Multi-Function Smart Speaker

The Plaza Concierge™ is an Amazon Alexa-enabled “hands-free” smart speaker that supports user interactions and notifications, while silently earning money 24/7 by mining PLAZA and PL$.

Maintains a local copy of Plaza's MerchantChain and effortlessly earns mining royalties for you.

A privacy shield for Internet financial transactions.

A hardware crypto wallet and debit card manager.

AI personal shopping assistant.

Fastest Way to a Crypto Lifestyle

Typical exchanges are difficult and expensive to deal with. The most convenient way for a consumer to add crypto to their lifestyle is to visit a Plaza Merchant.

Prepaid PlazaCards will be available in a range of values at Plaza Merchants.

Crypto top-ups available over-the-counter.

Over-the-counter crypto payments enable face-to-face transactions.

Decentralized Dispute Resolution

Plaza Chatbot Arbitrators™ provide a quick solution.  

Multi-signature Arbitration Smart Contracts.  

Plaza Arbitration provides decentralised dispute resolution for complex issues with Decentralised Arbitration Teams.  

Dispute outcomes and a record of arbitrator activity is preserved on the MerchantChain.  

User-Friendly Apps Available

iOS and Android mobile apps are available for use with the PlazaCard Wallet.

Interfaces directly with our VPN and no blockchain download is required on the device.

Pay for goods and services offered within the Plaza Ecosystem both in-store and online.

Merchant apps enable over-the-counter payments and face-to-face crypto top-ups for all users.

Cashback & Loyalty Rewards

Instant cashback for purchases with the PlazaCard.

Earn Plaza Lifestyle Rewards by completing various actions on the Plaza Platform, such as: browsing, shopping, translation, referrals, etc.

All rewards are automatically and instantly paid in PLAZA tokens.

All Plaza Lifestyle Rewards implemented using smart contracts for transparency and efficiency.

Plaza Bounty Programs are Live!

Join the thousands of participants in the new Plaza Bounty program that is now live on bitcointalk.org.

The legendary Sylon has crafted and is hosting a world-class bounty campaign for Plaza Systems. It includes the following campaigns: Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium. There are programs that everyone is eligible for and it is an easy way to earn a bit of extra, free PLAZA.

Hurry and register before the lists fill up!

Click to secure your PLAZA now!Click for PLAZA

Grab your share of the 1,000,000 2,000,000 PLAZA that we are giving away to kick off our ICO awareness campaign.

You can secure an airdrop of 50-200 PLAZA in exchange for some social love and joining us on Telegram. Up to 200 PLAZA tokens will be airdropped to your eligible ETH wallet after the ICO, depending on how quickly you sign up.

You don’t have to be a “whale”. You don’t have to be a bitcointalk veteran. You don’t even need a minimum amount of ETH or BTC.

The only thing you have to be is fast!

Click to earn bounties
Anyone can easily rack up some PLAZA tokens

Anyone, regardless of their net worth, can participate at the earliest stage of what is shaping up to be 2018’s most exciting ICO. You may join any or all of the following events:

PLAZA ICO Whitelist

Get whitelisted for the PLAZA ICO and secure a 30% bonus when you purchase PLAZA in the first week of the public presale.

The earlier you sign up not only do you have a better chance of securing PLAZA you also give yourself more time to earn referral bonuses. You can also earn free PLAZA by referring friends that eventually purchase PLAZA.

Click to reserve your bonus PLAZAClick for PLAZA bonus

Furthermore, if you reserve PLAZA and go on to purchase them during presale you will be prequalified for some free gifts.   

The earlier you sign up not only do you have a better chance of securing PLAZA you also give yourself more time to earn referral bonuses. For every Airdrop recipient you refer via your referral link, Plaza will send you another 10 PLAZA. You can also earn free PLAZA by referring friends that eventually purchase PLAZA.   

Get whitelisted for the PLAZA ICO and secure the best possible PLAZA ICO bonus. Reserve your PLAZA presale tokens to receive a 50% bonus during the PLAZA presale.

This limited first come, first served opportunity gives anyone the chance to secure a PLAZA bonus that is better than the best possible ICO bonus.

Plaza Advisors

Matthew Brussel
InfoSec Advisor

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Per Lind
Business Development Advisor

View Bio

Bob Blower
Banking & Regulations Advisor

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Read our White Paper for More Details

White Paper

We trust you will find it informative and that it inspires you to join Plaza!

The Plaza Team

Ronald Aai
Technology Director

View Bio

Technology Partner

Singapore | Malaysia | China

SQ2 Fintech is a Financial Technology Solution-as-a-Service provider (FinTech Solaas) headquartered in Singapore with offices in China and Malaysia. SQ2 focus on building innovative technological solutions, platforms and eco-systems.

The company has developed and provide numerous hardware and software solutions including IOT devices; global prepaid debit cards solutions with Union Pay & MasterCard; mobile e-commerce platforms and more.

Michael Sinclair
Chief Marketing Officer

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Marketing Partner

USA | Philippines

Led by Plaza Systems' Chief Marketing Officer Michael Sinclair, Livemailers offers tech support, sales support, back-office and miscellaneous marketing services, including targeted email campaigns and explainer videos.  

While Livemailers has consistently performed well and is constantly growing their client list, it is currently being rebranded to position itself to serve the growing blockchain-based sector. 

Dr. Jason Corbett
Chief Legal Advisor

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Legal Partner


Silk Legal's highly experienced international and Thai team represent a variety of investors, start-ups, Fortune 1000’s and individuals that are committed to the economic success of Thailand.

Silk Legal's key practice areas are commercial transactions, inbound investment, M&A, real estate, eDiscovery, alternative dispute resolution and restructuring.

Kevin Johnson
CEO & Chief Architect

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Tracey Allan Powell
Chief Operating Officer

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David Gillbanks
Chief Communications Officer

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David Colton
Chief Commercial Officer

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#1: Plaza Freedom Lifestyle™

Plaza offers a state-of-the-art freedom lifestyle: the ability to quickly and conveniently browse and shop for the best deals across the whole Internet, anytime, and from anywhere; the convenience of AI; … 

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Plaza Deep Dive Series 

Learn more about the Plaza Systems Architecture, Components and Business

#2: PlazaMarket™ 

The Plaza platform is an aspirational consumer lifestyle product. At its centre is an AI-assisted metasearch engine that will scour the world wide web for the best options on goods and services, including those …  

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#3: PlazaConcierge™ 

The PlazaConcierge is an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker that supports user interactions and notifications, while silently earning money 24/7 by mining PLAZA -- marketplace utility tokens -- and …  

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Read our White Paper for More Details

White Paper

We trust you will find it informative and that it inspires you to join Plaza!

Plaza Systems ICO rating

Plaza Systems TrackICO rating

Plaza Systems ICO rating

#4: PlazaCard™ 

The PlazaCard enables cryptocurrency owners to make everyday payments at any merchant. The process is the same as it would be with any other bank-issued debit or credit card. They can even …  

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#5: Plaza Merchants™ 

A convenient first step many of our users will take into their new Plaza lifestyle is through the doors of a Plaza Merchant where there will be the capacity to top up PlazaWallet balances, a stock of pre-paid …  

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#6: PlazaArbitration™ 

Plaza will introduce sophisticated, natural language, conversational chatbots for dispute resolution. Automated attempts at reconciliation are initiated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots …  

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#7: Plaza Ecosystem

Home to Plaza’s aspirational consumer lifestyle product, the Plaza ecosystem is created through the intelligent integration of established and emerging technologies. Buyers and sellers may interact within a …  

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#8: Technology Application Layers & the MerchantChain™ 

Plaza’s e-commerce-specific Merchant blockchain, MerchantChain, is an internal Proof of Work (PoW), low-power blockchain developed in-house and live tested…  

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#9: Plaza Business Model

Plaza looks to be one of the most innovative and trendsetting companies in the cutthroat e-commerce industry. To accomplish this we will emphasise the value proposition derived from our …  

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Share the Plaza Freedom Lifestyle

The response to Plaza Systems’ “Freedom 50” Airdrop and “PLAZA Republic” Presale campaign has prompted CEO & Chief Architect Kevin Johnson to thank the community and launch a social media contest.

Win a share of more than 100,000 PLAZA, PLUS 6 PlazaConcierges, PLUS many PlazaCard upgrades.

Submit an original video or meme about the Plaza Freedom Lifestyle™ and receive at least 50 PLAZA. Everyone who participates benefits!

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Plaza Systems ICO rating

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High ratings for the PLAZA ICO

View ratings and reviews from some of the leading ICO investors and experts.

Inherent Sustainability

Ledger maintained by ultra-low-powered IOT (internet of things) devices according to a proof-of-reputation (PoR) algorithm

Incredible Speed

Benchmarked at 15,000+ tps with less than 3 seconds average confirmation times

Total bCommerce and the MerchantChain

At the heart of Total bCommerce, the MerchantChain is the fastest, most scaleable, most sustainable, most secure, and most future-proof distributed ledger for commerce.

Elevated Security

All parties must possess the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, preventing fraud and instilling trust and confidence in the ecosystem

Infinite Scaleability

Positive correlation between user numbers and deployed nodes, more users equals more capacity.


Ledger will remain secure long after the code-breaking power of quantum computing becomes a problem

Any seller can build decentralised applications on top of the MerchantChain. Some have called it the Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era -- we call it Total bCommerce! 

MerchantChain Transaction Coin™ (MTC)

Sellers on the MerchantChain can mint their own MTC: 

Tethered to real-world value (not market sentiment) 

Designed for spending (not holding) 

Consumer-friendly with only two decimal places (not 18)